The Finest Defense is Priceless!

If you’ve been accused or arrested, you cannot afford second-best representation.  Nikole A. Pezzullo, Esq. practices aggressive, proactive and highly creative defense strategies to protect your rights.  Why?  Because she knows that there are thousands of innocent people spending time in prison for something they didn’t do- the driving force behind her law practice –the most powerful criminal defense in the country.

Nikole A. Pezzullo, Esq. results are outstanding.  In fact, most of her cases never go trial, and many are dismissed.

If you or someone you know has (or may be) charged, she encourages you to call (800) 863-4056 now for a free consultation.  Early intervention in cases involving the following crimes is critical to our mutual success.

White Collar Crime Drug Crimes Sex Crimes
Accounting Fraud Cultivation Child Abuse
Bank Fraud Distribution Child Enticement
Bankruptcy Fraud Manufacturing Child Exploitation
Bribery Possession Child Molestation
Counterfeiting Possession for Sale Child Pornography
Computer Hacking Prescription Fraud Child Procurement
Credit Card Fraud Trafficking Date Rape
Cyber Crime   Exploitation
Email Interception Violent Crimes Failure to Register
Embezzlement Aggravated Assault Indecent Exposure
Extortion Arson Internet Pornography
Forgery Assault Lewd and Lascivious
Health Care Fraud Assault and Battery Marital Rape
Identity Theft Assault w/a Deadly Weapon Molestation
Insider Trading Battery Obscenity
Insurance Fraud Carjacking Pandering
Internet Fraud Domestic Violence Pedophilia
Internet Stalking Hate Crimes Pimping
Internet Theft Homicide Pornography
Mail Fraud Kidnapping Prostitution
Money Laundering Manslaughter Rape
Medicare Fraud Mayhem Sexual Abuse
Pyramid Schemes Murder Sexual Assault
Racketeering/RICO Terrorism Sexual Offense
Tax Evasion/Tax Fraud Theft Sodomy
Telemarketing Fraud Larceny Statutory Rape
Wire Fraud Robbery
  Spousal Abuse Other
Corporate Crimes Stalking Expungements
Investment Fraud   Perjury
Securities Fraud   Stalking
    Writs & Appeals

While Nikole Pezzullo’s practice is dedicated exclusively to all areas of criminal defense, she maintains an unparalleled expertise in gang and drug related offenses. State and Federal sting operations are being launched at an alarming rate as is the number of innocent people being accused or charged with gang and drug related crimes.

Your initial consultation is free. Simply call 1-800-463-4056 any time day or night to gain a better understanding as to how you can begin the process of defending yourself and your reputation immediately. This is the most important call you will ever make. Keep in mind, you are under no obligation to retain Nikole Pezzullo, Esq. services — She simply wants to help you with straight forward, honest advice.

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